The Holiday Season is a Time For Family – And PPI Battles!

By Toni

The holiday season is a time where most of us are stepping back to pause and reflect on everything that has happened over the last year. It’s a time to spend with family and let them know that you appreciate everything that they do for you, and the person that they’ve become. All in all, it’s a good time.

However, just as it’s a good time of year for you…it’s a great time of year for the lenders that have managed to convince the UK public at large to accept policies that were never designed to protect them in the first place. That is the crux of payment protection insurance, or PPI. Many people were either forced into accepting it, or otherwise pushed into it. That’s no way to get things done, and it’s no surprise that many UK consumers are hopping mad. It would be better to make sure that you can really get just about everything that you need to have handled done for you in a meaningful way. It would be better than finding that you cannot fight at all because you’ve let too much time go from the point where you signed the loan that had PPI attached to it.
If you’re going to fight this battle during one of the busiest times of year, you’re going to need an ally. Trying to write all of the paperwork up yourself can be done, but there are more important things in life. After all, how many times a year do you get to see your family so happy? They’re actually getting along with each other… if your children only get along when it’s the holidays, then you’re in good company.

The reality here is that these days, you just don’t have time to go it alone anymore. You’re going to need someone that can be your ally. You’re going to need someone that can be there for you. You’re going to need someone that has done this process over and over again — they can usually spot things that you’re very much likely to miss or ignore. You will do very well to pay attention to these types of things, as they really do come in handy over the long run.