Insuring Your Future?

By Toni

The common hue and cry from across our nation has to do with the multitude of bankruptcies and loan defaults.  However, joining this chorus are the voices of those in other nations who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Rather than focusing on pointing fingers and laying blame, our time would be better spent talking about how to work ourselves out of our dire circumstances.

Dark Times.  We do not need to be reminded of how badly things are becoming.  Most of us are already well aware even though we are regaled every day from media outlets.  It appears that we are nowhere near the end of this process (believing that it is a process and not a permanent state).  The sad truth lies in the numbers of those who have already succumbed to financial collapse and are hurting because of it.  But, there are still others who are fighting for survival.  This process of keeping our heads above water and making things work provides a challenge all its own.  The work place opportunities that have shrunk in certain sectors like manufacturing have caused an increase of major proportions in others marked by the increase in applications of those who have been let go.

Light at the End.  Fortunately, history tells us that, as sure as the rising and setting of the sun, we will come out of this.  No better example of this exists than in the years following the stock market crash and depression of the late 1920s.  Indeed it was World War II which jump-started our economy and began a steady growth pattern that continued for decades.  While we look for another agent of change to begin the process, we pray that it will not be another world war.  Our main question is “when will it begin to improve?”

Starting Over.  Once the engines of finance are roaring again we will see many opportunities from which we can rebuild and profit.  In the private sector, demand for products and services on a global level will lead the way.  Government’s role in this process will be to make the process easier and shorter by reducing taxes and laws that hold us back.

Whatever your outlook is, you need to do what it takes to survive in the short term, discover ways to save money for important things, and be cognizant of changing fortunes that help you make wise decisions when it comes to insuring your valued assets.