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Why travel insurance is a must

For those who aren’t automatically insured through their bank or other institution, travel insurance is still one of the most overlooked items when booking a foreign holiday. Many are under the misconception that because they possess an EHIC card, this is all that they need and don’t bother with separate insurance. Whilst the card will get you emergency treatment in the EEC member states, it […]

10 Reasons Why General Insurance is Important

General insurance is a practical option for every person who would like to live a risk-free life. Risk is associated with every thing and so, it is important to secure all the things that we own and that security is provided by insurance. General insurance covers insurance policies like burglary, theft, etc. Personal insurances like health and accident insurance are also covered up by general […]

Significance of Health Insurance While Traveling Abroad

Everyone makes a list of things to be carried along while going abroad, whether of business purpose or for vacation. But the first and the foremost thing to be taken into account is the health insurance policy. This is because of the fact that traveling to a country that is completely new to you with no relative, family member or friend living there, any mishap […]

Does Your Credit Rating Affect Your Insurance Premiums?

If you have a low credit score and are worried about how your insurance premiums will be affected, you may be happy to know that this score is not the only factor that potential insurers consider. When determining the coverage rates for your insurance plans, insurers place a greater emphasis on your insurance risk score than your credit score. You can use the information found […]

General Insurance Information

General insurance cover all types of insurance except life insurance. Whether it is the property against fire insurance, any of the personal insurance or burglary insurance, general insurance covers it all. It further includes the professional indemnity insurance for the professional people. All one needs to do is to pay the premium amount at regular intervals and by doing so, they are insured of any […]

Freelancer Insurance is a factor for the success of your business

In this litigious society, clients are more likely to hire a freelancer only if they are insured. Insurance has become a determining factor for the success of a business. You might have read and heard about negligence claims made against freelancers for mistakes that they had made at work. The cost of negligence claims is so high that the professional has to sacrifice a lot […]