Car Surfing

By Toni

When I was in my teens, we thought we were the coolest, that we were doing stupid stuff that our parents never would have done, and that we were invincible. But if worrying new reports coming out of America are anything to go by, our antics were relatively tame, and safe. I mean, the most dangerous thing I ever did was watch a boy spray deodorant on his sock and set fire to it. While it was on his foot. I remember thinking even then that it was a bit silly, and I would much rather go to McDonalds, so I clearly wasn’t cut out for daredevilry or anything remotely dangerous. Leave that to my sister!!

But news coming from across the pond is showing that teenagers are getting more reckless, and engaging in worrying hobbies and past times that are getting them killed. To research this, I searched ‘car surfing’ on YouTube this morning, and couldn’t believe how many videos I found. Kids that looked barely old enough to have hit double figures on the age scale, surfing on moving vehicles, with other cars and lorries whipping past in the adjacent lanes. Another related link that surfaced was ‘ghost riding’ where the participants skateboard is attacked to the back of a moving vehicle, much like water skiing. Obviously much safer when water is involved, to cushion your face from grinding along something hard.

Excuse me for sounding like my grandmother, but come on guys. Linked with these stories are CNN news pieces with parents, distraught at losing their child in such a pointless way.

Car surfing is dangerous. It doesn’t take someone like me to point this out, however much I would like to feel like I am revealing something. Moving car + balance = fail. And not only do you risk breaking something, like a bone or your face, but you risk being mashed into the concrete by an HGV. Not the most ideal way to go.

Ghost riding is also dangerous. See dangers above, but also you risk ‘penduluming’; when the skateboard swings out, and again, mashes you into the ground.

However upbeat the tone, its really not a good idea. Kids…. just go bungee jumping!!

If you are driving a vehicle, make sure you have Car Insurance.