Car insurance for teenage drivers

By Toni

In today’s world, teenage drivers present some interesting situations when it comes to the price of their car insurance. This article will provide tips that should help teenagers to find affordable car insurance.

Regular drivers are used to considering the criteria that car insurance companies use to determine the insurance rates of their vehicle, their personal driving record and the distance that they drive over the year. Statistically speaking, young drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents. This makes them a liability to insurance companies and this makes their insurance cover more expensive.

The age of the young person is very important when considering car insurance. Most companies will charge teenagers a lot of money to insure them, especially if they are male, because the companies stereotype this age range as “boy racers”. A person who is 21 applying for the same type of insurance will get it at a much cheaper rate than the 17-18 year old. It’s important to know that car insurance is something that you really need at this age and not wait a year or two to reduce the cost of insurance.

If you have a child who is 18 and older, and you still want to have them on your insurance policy, then this is possible as long as you own the car you wish to do it on. It’s quite difficult to find a policy for a person if you down actually own the car that is being insured. Alternatively, if you want to help an older child pay for his/her car insurance then you can provide them with money so they can afford it.

If someone has been driving for a long time, they gain driving experience and therefore their insurance rates will normally decrease. This means to obtain their own insurance might be difficult if they are young. To reduce the cost of their insurance in the meantime, you can make him a secondary named driver on your policy, which will usually lower the cost slightly.

In some cases, there are extra driving lessons that a teenager can take which would reduce the cost of their insurance. This could be either a pass-plus course or a defensive driving course. Usually this reduced the cost of the insurance by about 20%, but it really depends on the insurance company and how much they are willing to reduce it by. It is always good to negotiate a better price with them on the phone.

The whole idea of driving, and the experience, is that it should be for everyone. This includes teenagers and young people. Usually, the main thing that stops young people driving is the cost of the insurance, consider using the tips above to help reduce the insurance and make it affordable for young drivers.