Car insurance comparison sites – one less stress to deal with

By Toni

If you thought your kids were a worry when they were toddlers, think again. The teen years will almost certainly bring a few unexpected and unpleasant surprises as hormones turn your once charming children into stubborn, uncooperative aliens. And for many parents, one of the most stressful chapters in the book of teen-raising is the dreaded ‘learning to drive’ chapter.

After driving for years, many parents have learned to react instinctively to any situation, meaning that it’s incredibly hard to recall what it was like when they were first learning to drive.  This is possibly why so many parents are reduced to wailing, white-knuckled wrecks when strapped down in the front passenger seat of a vehicle, with an ever-so-keen and ever-so-green student driver behind the wheel.

Before they first set foot on the accelerator, it’s essential to add your offspring either to the family car insurance policy or possibly to take out an individual policy if you have bought a smaller vehicle for your teen to learn to drive in. However, insuring cars for young drivers can be a minefield – and an expensive one at that – with some quotes leaving parents even more traumatised than the whole ‘learner minding’ experience.

By consulting an established car insurance comparison website you can ensure you find the lowest cost quote available without spending hours online tearing your hair out as you ponder policy after policy.

Some parents wisely refuse to set foot in a car until their learner driver has had several lessons with an approved driving instructor.  But even then, the experience of cruising the highways and byways of your local area with your teen ‘aiming’ the family car can be akin to the most terrifying ride at Alton Towers. After all, the lucky driving instructor has those all-important dual controls. And that could make all the difference when Tiddles, your lonely next door neighbour’s beloved cat and sole companion, appears from nowhere out of a hedge…

If you’re insuring a learner or newly passed driver to drive your vehicle, comprehensive insurance is definitely worth considering – both for your own and your offspring’s peace of mind. Although more expensive than other options, as its name suggests ‘comprehensive’ insurance covers any named driver plus your vehicle whatever happens i.e. even if an accident was caused by driver carelessness or as a result of downright bad luck.

For example, if you are unfortunate enough to have a deer dash out in front of you as you drive along a country lane, you could hit it full on, causing substantial damage to the front of your vehicle. Whilst this sort of accident is generally more unfortunate for the poor deer than for the driver, it could still leave you with a hefty repair bill to pay.

If you opt for ‘third party fire and theft’ cover, both the driver and your vehicle would be covered if you were unlucky enough to have your vehicle stolen or if it were to catch fire.  Should you or your named driver be involved in an accident which was proven to be the driver’s fault, this type of insurance would cover damages to the other parties and their car, plus injuries to any third parties involved.

‘Third party only’ insurance covers your legal liability to third parties i.e. compensation for death or injuries to third parties in an accident which was deemed by the court to be the fault of the driver of your vehicle. In addition, it covers injury and damage caused by any passengers in your car.