A new life through Plastic Surgery – Life Cover

By Toni

One must say that plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery has been a boon to mankind. Formerly, if people were unfortunate victims of some accidents whereby their physical would be permanently disfigured, they would have had to live with their disability till the end, suffer the humiliation and at times not being able to carry out normal routine duties.

But now, things have changed and there is a solution for any such disfigurement or scars, owing to the efficiency of the doctors who excel in such reconstructive functions. You might have heard of a children’s documentary film called “Little Pinky” which won an Oscar award in the latest Oscar Award ceremony, which is based on the real life story of young Indian girl with a clefted lip, was operated upon and she became normal again like any other young girl. The movie received rave reviews, all thanks to plastic surgery conducted on the small girl.

This little girl Allison Lozanta has been the recipient of America’s magnanimous gesture. A victim of house fire, the girl suffered grievous burns. The local doctors have been able to conduct the phase of successful plastic surgery as also reconstructive surgery on her and she will in due course, became as normal as any other child of her age. The local branches of the charitable institution Rotary Club have as also some generous local residents come forward with their financial aid and moral support for the little girl and her mother, during the course of their stay, until the surgery and rehabilitation formalities are completed.

A very laudable act on the part of the doctors as well as local clubs and citizens! If only the girl had a life cover under health insurance, things would have been totally different and she could have derived the benefits of the cover from the concerned company. This is an eye-opener to all those who have not given a thought in this direction.